5 Hair Products To Add Volume To Your Hair & Make It Look Good At All Hours

You might think that your hair only needs a good shampoo and conditioner to feel great. You are thrown with tons of options and it gets easier than ever to make it a part of your arsenal. But please, hold on.

The downside to this is that you'll end up losing your hair drastically and if you don't want a receding hairline so soon, we are here to help you cut through the clutter. From the right sort of hair oil to which shampoo you should use, here are some best hair products for you that add volume and make your hair look good at all hours.

1. Hair Oil 


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Hair oil is one of the most neglected hair care products but it needs to find a place in your kit. If you have dry hair, oils can be your saviour and can make your strands look quite luscious.

MUD's Red Onion Hair oil deep conditions your hair and shows some extra love with its natural ingredients like botanicals and vitamins. The best part? It doesn't have parabens in it.

2. Chemical Free Shampoo


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Modern shampoos shouldn't just clean your hair but protect it too. The best example here is Arata's Chemical Free shampoo. The name speaks for itself. It includes an antioxidant-rich formula that's made with a blend of plant-based ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft. This shampoo doesn't strip your hair of natural oils and that's what makes it a fantastic choice.

3. Hair Serum


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Leave it up to brands like The Body Shop or Forest Essentials that have some impeccable hair products like Grapeseed Hair Serum and Hair Thickening Serum Spray that are the most sought after products with natural ingredients.

A hair serum provides nutrients for your hair and if you are experiencing frizziness, this product will add sheen to your hair and also protect it from harsh UV rays.

4. Hair Pomade


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To style your hair impeccably and shape it to perfection, a hair pomade can go a long way. A unique formula that's infused in this product makes it a great hair styler. When you use it on damp hair, it will give you a good hold. This hair product makes sense for men with medium or short hair, especially if you are a fan of pomade.

5. Hair Cream


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For men with long hair, a hair cream is also a saviour on bad hair days. Lay your hands on a product that's filled with the goodness of natural ingredients that nourishes and strengthens your scalp. Make sure the cream is free from any chemicals so that it doesn't affect your hair or leads to hair fall issues.

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