Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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33 Gorgeous Long-Sleeved Dresses To Help Make The Cold Weather Bearable

*tucks hands into sleeves*

A floral pattern midi that's just as comfortable as it is cute.

A long-sleeved midi dress that miiight look good on everyone. You should probably get one for everyone you know just to make sure.

A skater dress with a lil' rainbow shimmer so you can look sophisticated but fun.

A three-quarter sleeve swing dress you can rock pretty much any time of year and to any event.

A trendy, ruffly number that'll have you demanding impromptu photoshoots every time you wear it.

A turtleneck sweater dress, because, yes, your office is that cold.

A fun patterned shirt dress in plenty of patterns you'll really want to pounce on.

A tie pencil dress with lantern sleeves ready to light up your life.

Or a wrap tie dress pretty much made to be worn with over-the-knee boots.

A turtleneck sweater dress for anyone who wants to be stylish, but never at the cost of not being cozy.

A mermaid bodycon that'll go with swimmingly with the rest of your wardrobe.

A hex-cellent maxi dress for a wonderfully witchy look.

A velvet cocktail dress perfect for winter and making you forget how annoying it can be to dress for cold weather.

A zebra print midi dress sure to drive everyone wild.

A keyhole tie dress for ensuring you're always the best-dressed person in the room.

A hi-low plaid shirt dress you really need to check out.

A pearl-dotted blazer dress to show everyone you mean business when it comes to looking stylish as heck.

A chic sweater dress with a diagonal line of buttons to give it a little extra charm.

A hoodie dress here to prove that you can be casual and comfortable while still wearing a dress.

Or a longer hoodie dress that looks like it took a turn in Willy Wonka's taffy stretcher (the fashionable one).

A floral smock dress to ensure that getting dressed is never a thorny situation.

A sporty V-neck bodycon you'll love, even if you never loved gym class.

A dragon mini dress that's straight fire.

A cowl neck bodycon so cozy, it should come with its own cup of hot cider.

A crewneck cableknit number you might as well store right next to your riding boots, because they're perfect together.

A colorblock work shirt dress for people who can never decide on just one color.

An elegant gown with floral lace sleeves and a long skirt to keep your stems warm.

A V-neck option with polka dots to round out your outfit.

An oversized sweater dress for next-level snuggliness that could rival that of a teddy bear.

A stripy sweater dress ready to become your go-to Friday outfit. Let's take a minute to admire how snuggly it looks.

A shift dress for tricking people into thinking you're a master layerer.

A pocket-adorned midi that'll make you look cute as a button.

And a casual stretchy maxi you can just throw on and go.

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