26 Products That'll Somehow Make Eating And Drinking Even Better

Your taste buds are about to go for a *trip*.

A jar spatula that scoops up those last bits of food in every jar, so you never have to despair at missing out on lost morsels of peanut butter or Nutella again.

A pair of glowing lightsaber chopsticks so you can bring balance to the Force *and* to your sushi — whether you're repping the dark side or the light.

A vegetable spiralizer that comes with five interchangeable blade settings to magic your plain old veggies into stir fries, zoodle dishes, soups, and more. For the nervous veggie choppers among us out there, it also suctions securely to counter surfaces for easy use and is designed to make the grinding process of spiralizing a total breeze.

A milk frother to make everything you drink taste like it was lovingly handcrafted by a barista instead of you blearily in the kitchen without pants. It's also teensy for storing and cleans with a quick stream of hot running water, so even the laziest among us can get 'gram-worthy drinks.

A mini waffle maker that will let you eat your (figurative) heart out. If you're waffling on the waffles, you can also use it for hash browns, paninis, biscuits, and even (gasp) PIZZA. If you can dream it, you can mini waffle it.

A skull-shaped ice mold to put an extra spook factor in your cocktails — and also seriously haunt up the rest of your life. These molds also work for making soaps, birthday candles, chocolate, and fondant, covering all your miscellaneous undead needs.

A fondue pot that holds up to three glorious pounds of cheese, chocolate, caramel, broth, or whatever warm edible liquid you feel in your heart. Plus, the utensils are color coded, so everyone will remember which is theirs when the food-dipping frenzy begins.

A set of eye-catching rainbow cutting board mats for jazzing up your kitchen and making your life a whole lot easier, to boot — with little icons on each mat to help you avoid cross-contamination, dishwasher-friendly material, and flexibility for when you're showing off your cooking skills.

A pancake batter mixer that lets you blend your ingredients by shaking it like a Bop It, then using the spout as a "pancake pen" to create griddle artistry. Plus, once you're done eating your masterpiece, the cleanup is as easy as filling it with warm soap and water and shaking it again.

A gorgeous dutch oven designed to stand the test of time and look chic as heck sitting on your counter waiting for you to channel your inner Ina Garten. It also has some big Le Creuset energy, but with a much more reasonable price tag — theirs run in the $350 range in this approximate size.

An Instant Pot that will prove itself to be the real kitchen MVP by whipping up everything from soups to meat dishes to eggs to rice to — wait for it — CAKE.

A collection of teensy fruit and vegetable cut-outs, so you can live inside a Pinterest post and eat it, too. Plus, you use the cut out bits from one fruit to wedge another fruit into it, like fruit-ception!

A spaghetti monster colander that is truly the definition of a mood. It's also dishwasher safe and BPA-free, making it as practical as it is monstrous.

A rapid egg cooker so versatile it can cook eggs in five different ways, all just using the steam from the water you measure into the machine. Plus, for the meal preppers out there, you can get a week's worth of hard-boiled or medium-boiled eggs for breakfasts on the go in a matter of minutes — an egg-cellent timesaver, if I do say so myself.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, a bestselling book turned Netflix series that helps people at any level master those four elements in a given dish to best serve your taste buds, whether it's a bunch of loose ingredients you're whipping together from your fridge or a full-on multi-course meal. It's every bit as much a guidebook as it is a taste philosophy.

A set of produce saver storage containers designed to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer, so you can take your sweet time going through this week's grocery haul without panic-throwing all your produce into dishes where they don't belong.

A pair of dinosaur tea strainers that will give your breakfast the Loch Ness vibes it deserves. The connecting top and bottom are specifically designed not to let any loose bits of tea escape — unlike dear Nessie, who continues to evade human eyes.

A microwave pasta cooker to spare you from the tyranny of waiting a full five minutes to bring water to a boil by letting you cook full pasta dishes with a few taps of a button. It'll also level up your cheesy pasta game with lasagna, ravioli, and our supreme ruler, mac and cheese.

An air fryer that can cook so many different dishes using the power of rapid air technology that you'll want to try something new in it every day of the week. Perfectly crisped french fries and chicken wings in 20 minutes, no oil required!! The future is now.

A sushi-making kit designed for beginners, so you can take the fate of your California rolls into your own hands without worrying about them becoming a California blob. It can accommodate different sizes of sushi roll, too, so you can stick to your regular fare or shake it up with different ingredients (mango, anyone?).

A food warming lunchbox that plugs into an outlet at your desk (or wherever this road called life takes you) and cooks or heats up a meal so it'll be oven fresh when you're ready to eat it. You hear that? All of the overpriced lunch spots near your office are shaking.

A set of glass meal prep containers with air tight seals that people swear by, but perhaps far more importantly will make your fridge look like Kim Kardashian's once you stack them inside. They're also oven and microwave safe, so you won't even have to waste your time hunting for a plate when you heat these babies up.

A set of reusable toaster oven bags to help you make grilled cheese, paninis, and toasted sammies right in the toaster. Better yet, you can reheat french fries, pizza, and even mini tacos and get all that glorious heat without them getting all soggy from the microwave. Leftovers just got lit.

A mini immersion blender that you can use with your hand to whip up a smoothie right in the glass without a full-scale blending production. It also works for making milkshakes (important!), salsas (also important!), and soup (less important, but you do you!), so a whole new culinary world is at your literal fingertips.

A rotary cheese grater so you add a lil' cheesy something to every one of your dishes without that bone-crushing 20 seconds of silence after the waiter at Olive Garden starts grating and says, "Say when."

A digital kitchen scale that comes with its own removable bowl, so you can make sure your meals and baked treats come out to absolute *chef's kiss* perfection every time. It also comes equipped with different modes to easily toggle between ounces, grams, and milliliters, depending on whether you're weighing solid or liquid ingredients.

Your mouth after eating its way through all the yummy things on this list.

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