Tuesday, 14 January 2020

You should take a bath after doing these 3 tasks, otherwise, click here to know

In Hinduism, every person must bathe daily, it is said that doing so keeps the body healthy and holy, but many people do not consider it necessary to bathe. But remember one thing in life that after doing these 3 things, it becomes very important to take a bath. Today I am going to tell you about those three works.

1) After coming from the cremation grounds - According to scientific reason, when a person dies, many types of bacteria flourish in his body. Which can spread to the body of a living person? And many serious diseases can occur. Because of this, it is necessary to take a bath after the funeral.

2) After getting the message- it is a good thing to have friends massage the body. But after massaging the body, the body becomes impure. Therefore, one should take a bath after getting a massage.

3) After returning from the journey- After returning home from the journey for a few days, one must take a bath. Because the dirt and dust from outside get inside the house. And there is a risk of infection. Therefore, after returning from the journey, the sky must be done.

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