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THESE are the side effects of waxing your body hair; Check it out

Waxing might be the most popular and affordable method of hair removal but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any side effects. Waxing too plays an important role in how your skin behaves.
THESE are the side effects of waxing your body hair; Check it out

We all want to get rid of body hair and achieve smooth and hairless skin and we turn to different methods to achieve that. Be it hair removal cream or shaving or waxing, we all do it but for those of us who head to the salon to get a wax every month, we know that it's painful but a little pain to achieve beauty the way we like it is not a big deal. Waxing is one of the most common methods of hair removal that most women turn to.

This method is also the most effective because it removes the hair from the root and that means that you'll have a smooth and hairless body for quite a while, till your hair grows back. But this doesn't mean that it doesn't have any side effects, waxing has a lot of side effects that can impact our skin in the long-run.

Here are the side effects of waxing that we should be aware of:

1. When we get our body hair waxed it means that each hair will be pulled out from the root which usually causes our skin to bruise. Tearing the hair from the root leaves a tiny wound under the skin which can often bleed if you have a sensitive skin and this also means that you need to give your skin some time to heal and take extra care while you do it.

2. While waxing our body hair we end up pulling and tugging our skin quite a lot and this can have an impact on our skin. It can make our skin lose it's elasticity in the long-run and cause our skin to sag sooner than expected.

3. Waxing often causes inflammation and that this can lead to post-inflammatory pigmentation. This means that waxing can darken your skin or cause dark spots to appear as a reaction to the hot wax and skin damage.

4. Waxing often leads to ingrown hair which makes your skin feel rough and gritty and this is just a side effect of hair removal methods that you cannot avoid. But it's essential to wait for your ingrown hair to grow out before you hit the salon for another waxing appointment.

5. Waxing opens up all the pores on your skin and makes your skin more prone and vulnerable to skin infections. You need to take extra care of your skin after a waxing session and ensure.  it remains 

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