Sunday, 26 January 2020

Skincare resolutions to make you feel on top of the world in 2020

New Year is associated with new resolutions, something we all decide to follow until new ones are made. Which is why it is always better to set small goals which are achievable. With 2020 comes the perfect opportunity to start a new skincare routine. Here are four skincare resolutions for the New Year to help begin.
Beauty resolution #1
Use sunscreen
We know we have said this a lot of times and we do so again. No matter the season, sun rays are always harmful for the skin, and it can accelerate wrinkling and even lead to skin cancer. 2020 is the year when you finally incorporate SPF into your morning routine — and reapply whenever needed through the day. Get an SPF30 moisturiser with broad-spectrum coverage. You could opt for sunscreen sprays, and if you do not enjoy the heaviness of a sunscreen lotion, go for a gel sunscreen.
Beauty resolution #2
Hydrate yourself
If you are keen on making one resolution successful, let this be the one. Dehydration can have a number of side-effects including headaches and poor concentration. It can also lead to dry lips and loss of elasticity from the skin. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Set a timer if you need to and pack in some soup and fruit for good measure.
Beauty resolution #3
Foot massage
Make it a point to treat your feet with love in the new year. No technique or suggestions here — just a moment with yourself and an amazing, essential-oil-infused cream. Apply a foot cream right when you are ready to tuck in, so you don’t end up slipping on the floor. This keeps your feet in great shape, and it makes for better sleep routine too!
We understand that hair is as important as feet and often the routine care needed for it goes unnoticed, you can also checkout DIY homemade hair masks for thick luscious hair.
Beauty resolution #4
Level-up your skincare regime
We are not going to repeat ourselves here, but will surely encourage you to take your beauty regime a notch above and incorporate a serum in order to brighten and tone your complexion, even a mask so that deeply nourishes skin or cleanses the pores. And if you are someone who has just entered the game, don’t worry we have you covered with enough information on skincare routines for ever skin type right from
Also, if this resolution seems hard, here’s what you can try: five quick-fix skincare tips for women who are often running out of time.

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