Saturday, 25 January 2020

Mouth ulcer problem? To get immediate relief from these 9 remedies

Most of us have had mouth sores at some time. There are problems in eating and drinking when there is blistering, as well as pain is different. In such a situation, these remedies will be very useful to you, which will help you in eliminating the problem of mouth ulcers soon...

1. Boil neem leaves. Put four to five drops of garlic juice in it and gargle with it.

2. Mouth blisters are cured even when gargling with buttermilk.

3. Take 5-5 leaves of jasmine and guava and chew slowly in the mouth for a while. Drain the water after a while. Doing this also cures mouth blisters.

4. Add a pinch of inflated alum to the decoction of the maulsari. By rubbing this mixture, it provides relief in mouth ulcers.

5. Alum should be added to the bark of sycamore.

6. Rinse of acacia bark with decoction cures mouth blisters.

7. Garlic of licorice also benefits in disease.

8. Clove oil should be applied in the mouth.

9. Flour and grind the icing on the pan and mix it with a little honey. Apply this mixture on the blisters three to four times a day. Mouth blisters will be cured.                                                              

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