If you are fed up with thin hair, Follow these steps to get a thick and bouncy look

If you are fed up with thin hair, Follow these steps to get a thick and bouncy look

By doing any hairstyle in thin hair, hair starts looking even more thin, in such a way, it looks bad. We are going to share with you such tips, with which you can also show your hair to thick and bouncy. If you can, then what is the delay, let us know about it 
- To make thin hair look thick and bouncy, make a loose braid of all hairs before sleeping at night. After this, when you open it in the morning, it will become wavy, which you can solve with the help of your fingers. Will help hair look thick.
- By running a reverse comb your hair in length, you can give a thick look to your hair, by doing this you will also get a natural look and hair will also appear thick.
- Follow the reverse method while washing hair. While washing hair first use conditioner and shampoo, this will not make hair perfect and also give bouncy look.
- With the help of hair extensions, you can give your hair an artificial dense look. For this, the thing to keep in mind is that you have to buy an artificial hair extension of color similar to the color of your hair and then put it on your hair. This will give your hair a thick and bouncy look. 
5 Tips To Get Silky Hair

Shiny silky hair can be seen as a dream for many women around the world. But how do celebrities get natural looking silky hair so easily? From oil-rich shampoos and hair masks to blow dry tips and hair straightening styles. Follow these tried, tested and approved hacks and you’ll be flaunting off your luscious silky locks too.

* Shampoo With Care

While shampooing, be mindful of your hair roots. Don’t pile up your hair but instead wash it downwards. Curly hair should be shampooed even lesser than natural hair. The shampoo oils need to travel all the way around the curls to reach the end making it a long process. Switch up your shampoos with conditioners and cleaners for added effects and volume.
* Wash and Trim

Hair wash days can be stressful, especially if you have long locks. Be soft with your hair while washing. Over washing your hair can make it lose its natural shine and oils. This will result in rough frazzled looking hair even after every wash. Understand your hair type and after how many days you need to wash it. Also trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. It’ll help keep your hair healthy and damage free.
* T-shirt instead of Towel

Use a t-shirt and not a towel to dry your hair. It may seem odd but the hack actually works. Rubbing your hair vigorously can damage it from the roots. Your hair cuticles also get frazzled and get tangled. Hair fall and breakage are one of the common reasons for rough hair. Gently wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt to wring the wetness out.
* Eat Healthy

Add nutritious foods that are rich in vitamins A and E to your diet. This will aid in the growth of the protein keratin in your hair. Keratin helps your hair grow longer and thicker. Foods like nuts, oils, and fish can give the needed oils and vitamins for silky hair. Staying hydrated is equally important.

* Change your Pillowcases

Switch to silk or satin pillowcases for silky smooth hair. You tend to twist and turn in your sleep thus damaging your hair indirectly. They are pulled and twisted roughly causing them to break and fall. Cotton pillowcases tend to absorb oils and leave your hair dry and rough.

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