If you apply oil to keep your hair healthy, then keep these five things in mind too

Oil is a good solution to remove hair fall and dryness. In today's busy life, people have less opportunity to massage with oil on time. However, people who are worried about their hair take time out. Yes, if hair loss or breakage is not stopping even after applying oil to the hair, then it is important to keep some things in mind while applying oil.
Do not comb immediately after applying oil
After massaging the oil in the hair, leave the hair untouched for a while. If you start combing it immediately then the hair will start to weaken and break. But, if you want to untangle the tangled hair, then comb the lower end of the hair. By doing this, the oil in the hair will spread all around and the hair will not become weak and break.
Prolonged oiling is harmful
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Applying oil to the hair daily is beneficial but it should not last long. If you are trying to apply oil to your hair, then it should not be more than six hours because then dust and dirt start sticking in the hair and hair starts to break.
Do not apply too much oil to the hairs
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Applying oil to your hair does not mean applying too much oil at the same time. Spread the oil well in small quantities in the roots of the entire hair. If you apply more oil then more shampoo will be needed. In this case, the hair will be dry again and the hair will break.
Do not tie hair too fast
Do not fasten the hair too fast after applying oil on hair, such as bun or ponytail. If you tie the hair tightly, then it will start to break. Therefore, after applying oil to the hair, make a slight ponytail.
Do not use any other product like a serum, hairspray on hair after applying oil. By doing this, the effect of oil on the hair will end and chemical products will spoil the hair.

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