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how to generate unlimited backlinks

Firstly not all links have the same quality or power to rank your website at the top.
So what is the different types of backlinks?
  • Spammy links - cheap low quality no power will reduce your SEO
  • Quality links - high power from trusted authority websites
Then you have contextual links, images, naked url links and branded links etc.
Best way to get unlimited links
Always think Quality over quantity, Google will give you a penalty for hundreds of spammy back links to your website and drop your ranking. So be very careful.
Different ways:
Tools such as GSA will get you thousands of backlinks, this tool is powerful, so you need to know how to best use it.
Organic outreach ask or approach websites that may find your article of interest to them.
Syndication of your content will get you quality backlinks using your network PBN links yes these still exist and still work if done right
Overall your links should be relevant to your website and business otherwise it’s ignored by Google and won’t give you much benefit
Press releases will get hundreds of backlinks but this technique only last up to 2months as news sites remove your coverage and make room for the new articles
I hope this gives you some insight into Backlinks and the basic overview of types of backlinks you can get.
If you need help with ranking websites get in touch

If you are thinking in terms of link building for SEO, then you have a DO follow or NO follow link.
The links built on other websites will be one of the 2 and google (search engine) robots will only follow do follows, so these are the links that give you the rank juice and these are the ones you want, though these are the harder ones to get. Essentially the best thing to do is to build a blogger outreach strategy, then find / write to one (1 per day or two) and build up links with other people.
Don’t just go around commenting on others websites and spamming links, as A. people will just delete them and B. Google will actually see that you are spamming and your SPAM score go up eventually and once that is up that will damage further SEO work in the future.
So it is best to just get links naturally, also write great content that inspires people to share your work, collaborate with other good writers and so on.
Another tip is that although they do not count, when you build a website, then create social profiles for the website on Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc. and include the links in bio back to the website as although they are not back links, this does reflect well for SEO, as Google sees, that you are more than just the one site, which is good.

To getting good backlinks on your site, you need to do off page seo then after the some days you can get a number of backlinks on your site. Please follow below instruction for your site which will be helpful to get good backlink.
  1. Directory submission.
  2. Article Submission.
  3. Documents sharing.
  4. Video submissions.
  5. Link submission
  6. Guest posting
  7. Press releas submission
  8. Image sharing submission
If you will follow all above rules then you can make early backlink on your site.
Hope that helps.

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