Wednesday, 8 January 2020

House sitting parlor spa

If you go to the parlor to do expensive creams, then you can sit at home without any chemical cream, you can look after your hair, as beautiful as a porcelain.
Take 1 green mehand, egg, conditioner. Mix these same well in a glass vessel. Add water and make a thick slurry. Put the cream on your hair, apply it at least one hour, then wash it with water. Shampoo only after one day you will see that your hair becomes beautiful like silk and silky

2 Without it you mix the egg in the conditioner and apply it on your hair like half an hour. Wash the shampoo after drying, you will see that your hair has become straight on the silky side.

3 Apply the conditioner on the hair straight on one bra and wash it with a nipple; Stretch your hair with hot water. Restrict your hair straightening.

Girls circled the parlor to make the face beautiful. How much money is wasted to enhance the beauty of the face; However, any beauty products used in the beauty parlor are used only to damage the skin, but these five people do not understand. This time, using these things Jackson gets spoiled. Today we are going to tell about some natural remedy through this article, using which the face is fair and bright Will be made.
1. To clean your face, dry the papaya peel and make powder, mix this powder in coconut oil and scrub it on the face and after a while, the lukewarm water will make the face clean and fair.

2. To make the skin beautiful and soft, mix olive oil and rose water in a teaspoon multani soil and wash the face with face and water.

3. If there is a problem of dark circles on the face, making a mixture of honey cucumber and potatoes in the almond oil, the dark circles will be over by using it on the postal circle a few days.

4. Make a paste by mixing almond oil with papaya peel powder and turmeric powder, and make this paste paste the face face 2-4 minutes before washing the face and then face it, making the skin soft and brown. Is there.

5. If this is done in the face or body of any part of the body and the burn has become stained, then after making some paste of basil and mint leaves, some stakes regularly for a few days, the stain disappears.

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