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Hair Care: Tips On How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer This Winter

Changing your hair colour according to trends adds to your fashion statement. It gives you an opportunity to play with your looks. The best way to nail it is by choosing a colour that complements your complexion because, as the seasons change, so does your skin-tone. Winters could be the perfect time to try fresh, new hair colour.
As a change in the hair colour is done by chemical treatment, it is very essential to opt for a professional hair colourist. This can help you maintain your hair colour and also make it last longer. So, here are some tips on how to make your hair colour last longer.

Tips on how to make your hair colour last long

Do not shampoo right away

Hair colour needs at least 24 hours to style in your hair after it is applied to your hair. So, after going home do not shampoo your hair, and let the colour settle properly and also last long. If you shampoo immediately after 24 hours, the hair colour starts fading early.

Use hair products meant for coloured hair

You need to strictly use the hair products that are meant to be used for coloured hair only. This tip is extremely important to note, because other hair products may strip out your hair colour.

Not to use hot water

Hot showers not only harm your hair but also strips out any moisture from your skin. Moreover, it makes your hair colour appear dull. For your hair to look shiny and healthy for a long time, it is important to lessen the temperature of water for your hair wash. Also, reduce the number of times you wash your hair every week.

Try hair mask or hair conditioning treatment

Hair masks and hair oils can add that moisture back to your coloured hair. Invest proper time and condition your hair properly to maintain the hair colour and the quality of hair desired. This will ensure that your hair colour doesn't fade way easily.
Use these domestic methods to make hair grow longer soon
By not applying oil on the hair for a long time, hair starts feeling dry, lifeless and weak. For the health of the hair, it is most important that its oil is massaged. Massage of the scalp increases blood circulation and accelerates hair growth. If the oil is applied to the hair by heating, it has more benefits.
Necessary ingredients:
½ bowl coconut oil
Hot water
1 towel
Method of preparation: Take coconut oil in a bowl according to the length of the hair. Heat water in a pot. Put a bowl of coconut oil in it. The oil will heat up. Take some oil in your hands. Apply oil in circular motions to the hair roots. Move the fingers from the tempo to the back. Do this for about three minutes. Then apply the remaining oil from top to bottom in all the hair. Keep in mind, oil is not too much or else there will be a problem with washing. Now put a towel in hot water, squeeze and wrap it on the head. Leave it for thirty minutes. By doing this, the oil gets inside the roots.
In this way, taking care of hair will break your hair less. Also, after massaging the hot oil in the hair, do not comb the hair too vigorously, this causes damage to the hair roots.

Apply this hair pack to straighten hair at home

Nowadays we have a straightener, due to which we can straighten the hair whenever we want very comfortably at home. But straightening your hair in this way can be very harmful. In such a situation, you can adopt some natural methods. Some straight hair packs are being provided here for hair straightening, so pay attention.
Pack of coconut and lemon juice: Take 1 cup of coconut milk and mix lemon juice in it, now keep it in the fridge for about 1 hour so that it becomes creamy. Now apply this pack on the skin of your hair and scalp and wrap a hot towel for 1 hour.
Banana and Papaya Hair Pack: Mash the banana and papaya in 1 bowl and add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and dry it for a while by applying it on the hair. When the pack is dry then wash the hair with shampoo and cold water and comb it. Do not tie your hair until they are completely dry.
Amla Powder and Shikakai Hair Pack: Mix half a cup of amla powder, half cup shikakai powder and the same quantity in 1 bowl of rice flour. Now add 2 eggs and make a paste. Apply this pack to the hair and wash the head after 1 hour. You can apply this pack twice a week. With constant use, your hair will straighten.
Multani Mitti and Rice Flour: Take 1 cup Multani Mitti, 5 tablespoon rice flour and 1 egg in 1 large bowl. Add a little water to it and prepare a paste. Massage your scalp with hot oil before applying this paste to your hair. Keep this paste on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Do apply this pack once a week so that your hair can get straightened.
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