Beauty Myths: THESE myths can damage your skin and stir up trouble

Beauty Myths: THESE myths can damage your skin and stir up trouble

We can't debunk all myths in the world but there are some that can do a lot of harm to your skin and lead to damaged skin and numerous skin problems which is why it's essential to bust those beauty myths.

Be it our skin, our hair or our makeup, we are always very careful with our beauty routines. But this doesn't mean that we always do things the right way. Beauty routines always come with dos and don'ts but sometimes these dos and don'ts are nothing more than just a myth and believing in myths don't work well for our beauty regimes. We hang out with a big social circle, be it our aunts and uncles or our friends and there's a lot of beauty advice and suggestions that come our way, be it about home remedies or products, it's always good to know your facts instead of just believing in just about anything. We all need the right beauty tips but it's not necessary that these tips that we get from our moms and grandmothers and aunts are free of the myths. This is precisely why we need to bust these old beauty myths with facts and logic instead of blindly following them.

Here are some common beauty myths busted for every beauty follower:
1. We are often told that people with oily skin don't need a moisturiser because their skin is already oily and has enough moisture but that is not true. Even oily skin needs a moisturiser because it often makes up for the moisture and oil that gets stripped off our skin when we wash and cleanse our face. Other than that it also covers our skin and protects it from pollution and dirt and germs and bacteria that may impact your skin and your pores directly if there's no layer on it.
2. Home remedies are the best. While that statement is true but not entirely. Sometimes a wrong concoction of home remedies can have a negative impact on your skin. Home remedies are not entirely harmless. Home remedies are chemical-free but it's essential to be equipped with the knowledge about mixing your ingredients right for your beauty needs and if you don't have that knowledge, you're prone to making harmful mistakes. It's also important to be careful with the ingredients and ensure that you don't use anything that can irritate your skin or something that you may be allergic to. Always do a patch test before you use a home remedy.
3. The right diet and lots of water are all that your skin needs. That's not entirely true. While a good diet and hydration holds a lot of importance and can have an impact on your skin but your skin needs a lot more than just that. Water detoxifies your skin and your diet has an impact on your skin as well but other than this your skin also needs a proper skincare routine and products that can keep it clean and healthy.
4. Washing your face multiple times in a day can help keep your skin clear and clean. washing your face regularly is important but if you wash your face too many times even if it's just with plain water, it can strip your skin of it's natural oils and make your skin dry and irritated and dehydrated. Avoid doing this, wash your face 2 to 3 times a day with cold water and a cleanser that suits your skin type.
5. There's no need to use a sunscreen if there's no sun. You may not need a sunscreen during the night but during the day even if there's no sun, there are the natural light and UV rays which are not visible to the naked eye. This means that these UV rays will damage your skin, sun or no sun.
6. You need to exfoliate harder to get the best results. That does not hold true. If you're not gentle with your exfoliator and scrub harder in an aggressive manner, it can irritate your skin and maybe even bruise it and do more harm than good. Be gentle with your exfoliating scrub. 

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