8 Wonderful Tips To Take Care Of Your Feet This Winter Season

Winter season can be extremely taxing on your feet. Whether it is because of the cold weather or you enclosing your foot in layers of socks and heavy boots doesn't matter. The chilling winds of the winter season tend to make your feet dry. And then there is the constant change from cold of the season to the warmth of the socks and shoes that can compromise your feet health. So, it becomes extremely important to care for your feet during the winter season. Trust us, your feet are going to thank you for the extra pampering.
So today, we bring to you some simple yet effective tips to ensure that your feet get proper care and love this winter season.

Scrub It Good

Your feet tend to become dry and rough during the winters. To remove the dead skin cells, impurities and roughness from your feet, scrub it good. The coarse particles of the scrub ensure to remove the grime and leave you with soft and supple feet. It is recommended that you at least exfoliate your feet once a week.

Take Some Pumice Action

When it comes to the essential items for foot care, pumice stone is definitely at the top. And it becomes even more important during the winters. Use a pumice stone to scrub off the hard surface of your heels and wash your feet thoroughly afterwards. To keep your feet soft and stunning during the winter, use the pumice stone at least twice a week.

Keep It Moisturised

Dry feet during the winter can lead to various skin troubles. Keeping your feet moisturised is important. So, apply a generous amount of moisturiser on your feet every day to get soft and smooth feet.

Wear Socks That Make Your Feet Happy

Socks come in handy during the winter season. Whether to put on the shoes or to sleep in, socks are an indisputable winter care essential. And as your feet will be covered a lot, choose the socks that make your feet happy. Go for natural material like cotton and avoid synthetic socks.

Hot Water Soak Is God-Sent

Hot water soak provides an ample amount of relief to your feet. Soak your feet in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Pull out your feet afterwards, apply some moisturiser and you will have soft and supple feet in no time.

Choose The Right Footwear

Do not stuff your feet in extremely tight shoes to keep it warm. While choosing your shoes for the in which you can wiggle your toes comfortably and your feet are relaxed. You can also opt for the sandals that are open at the front to give your feet space to breathe.
Massage The Cold Vibes Away
When you massage your feet, you boost the blood circulation and that improves skin texture and enhance the softness of your feet. So, once a week, massage your feet with coconut oil for about 10-15 minutes.

Maybe Go For A Pedicure!

There can be no better way of pampering your feet than a relaxing pedicure. A pedicure involves massaging, soaking and relaxing your feet. Granted, it can be a little expensive but it is worth it. You can also look for some offers in salons near you to get a pedicure done at a reasonable cost. Pedicure removes all the dirt, dead skin cells and roughened skin to leave you with nourished and soft feet.

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