Saturday, January 18, 2020

5 Things Every Man Want in His Relationship

When you wear a new dress, you wait for his compliments. When you cook a special dish, you want him to say he loved it, and on your birthday and anniversary, you expect him to surprise you. That’s what a woman wants in a relationship.

But have you ever known what men want in a relationship? That’s quite tricky because they are seldom vocal about it. Men are not known to communicate their needs from a relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that they do not have any needs.
* Respect

It is an understatement to say men want respect. For them, respect is equivalent to love. As a partner, they expect you to respect their life choices, career paths, and personality. For them, respect is the best way to say I love you. No amount of kisses, hugs or favors can give them the high like respect does, especially in a social situation.

* Praise

Men look for appreciation and praise from their partner. Be it an achievement at work or a simple thing as fixing the toaster, they feel good when you say “I am proud to have such a hard-working husband.” So, ladies if you want your man to be happy, then praise his positives, but be genuine and sincere in your praise.

* Feel loved

Like women, men also want to feel loved by their partners. It is just that their way of expressing this need is different. Women always wait for the man to utter the three magical words, ‘I love you,’ which gives them the assurance that their man loves them. For men, it is the touch that gives them the affirmation of being loved. So, next time when your man reaches out for you in bed, pick up the subtle clues and make him feel loved.

* A safe place

Right from childhood, men are expected to be tough, and behaviors like complaining, self-doubt, worrying and admitting fears are perceived to be signs of weakness. Although men may look tough to the world, deep down they too have fears and concerns, which need an outlet. So they tend to search that safe space within their partner. He needs the assurance from you that even though he is at his most vulnerable in front of you, you will love him the same.

* Taken care of

After a tiring day at work, he would want you to greet him with a smile, ask about his day and spend time with him. This would make him feel as if he is the world’s luckiest man and in return would pour out all his love on you. You may also pamper him with a shoulder massage.

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