Sunday, 19 January 2020

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles With Rose Water

Rosewater for dark circles! Yes, you heard it right, also known as Gulabjal in India, this is a quite easy and effortless tip to remove dark circles in no time. This rose water for under-eye circles can be used easily by just cleaning and massaging on the face to achieve clearer and fairer skin. Know how to do it here! It is a natural and herbal remedy and is available in the markets.
* Rose Water Toner to Reduce Dark Circles

One teaspoon of glycerine
Two teaspoons of rose water
One teaspoon of distilled water
2-3 drops of Argan oil
One drop of rose oil
Mix all the ingredients very well in a bowl.


- First, take cotton pads

- Dip the cotton pad in the mixed solution

- Apply directly on your face and neck.

- Leave it for 15-20 minutes

- Rinse with water.

- Use this rose water for under-eye circles daily at least once a day for better results.
* Rose Water DIY to Treat Dark Circles

3-4 petals of a rose flower
1 cup of distilled water
2-3 ice cubes

- Take a bowl and pour in distilled water

- Add rose petals to it.

- Turn on the gas stove and simmer it for 30 minutes.

- Then takes the petals out and store the water in a bowl or jar.

- Take a cotton pad and dip it in this homemade rose DIY water.

- Apply it in a circular motion and leave it.

- Use this DIY twice a day regularly for three weeks and see the effects. Your dark circles will vanish naturally without any harmful chemicals used to remove them.

* Rose Water With Cucumber

2 tablespoons of cucumber water.
Take two tablespoons of rose water.
Mix the ingredients well in a bowl.


- Pour the adequate quantity of the mixture into the cotton pad.

- Massage gently on your face for 15-20 minutes.

- Now wash with lukewarm water.

- Apply this face toner once a day and get a glowing dark circle free skin.

- This mixture will make your complexion fair and radiant too. So just try this rosewater for dark circles under eyes and see the best results.
* Rose Water with Sandalwood Powder

2-3 tablespoons of sandalwood
2 tablespoons of rose water


- Mix both the ingredients to form a batter.

- It should not be too thick and too runny inconsistency.

- Apply the pack on your cleansed face.

- Leave it to dry up for 15 minutes.

- Then wash with clean water.

- Apply this face pack twice a week, and your dark circles will vanish.

- This face pack will lighten your skin tone and make you fair.
* Rose Water With Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel
Cotton pads


- Mix Aloe Vera gel in a small bowl.

- Keep a bit of rose water in the same bowl.

- Blend the mixture well with hands.

- Dip cotton pads in it and apply around eyes.

- Wash area with lukewarm water after half an hour.

- You can use this remedy every alternate day for best, easy and quick results in no time.

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