Ever wonder how do girls with contact lens put on makeup so flawlessly? Is it magic? Is it a skill? We assure you it is both and few bonus tips and tricks. Makeup is an art that once mastered will make you feel powerful. But weak eyesight can ruin that feeling on some days, but worry not, makeup will help save the day. Being extra careful around your eye whenever you pick a kajal or liner is a herculean task. So what can you do pick up easy tips and tricks to ace it? Below are 5 makeup tips that will give you that added beauty even when wearing lenses.

* Read the labels

When picking out makeup, read the labels very carefully. Opt for oil-free products – even the ones that you are bound to use on your face. Oily makeup will spread quicker and mess up your contact lenses sooner than you think.

* Wash Hands

Always remember to wash your hands whenever you apply makeup or your lenses. Ensure that your hands dry as even tap water contains millions of bacteria that will irritate your lenses.

* Liquid liners only

A good tip is to switch to liquid liners as they are easy to handle. It can get tricky to get the right style but at least your eyes will be safe. Using a kohl pencil will most definitely increase the chances of being poked in the eye. Imagine if you’re wearing contact lenses when that happens!

* Skip on mascara

Not all, just the clumpy ones. You can apply a light coat if you need it that bad but don’t go overboard with heavy mascara. As they will clump your lashes and irritate your contact lenses. Fiber mascaras are a no-no since the extra particles tend to fall into your eye making you fidget and the lenses to shift.

* Don’t touch the waterlines

Don’t ever touch the waterlines! Stay away from your waterlines, the baseline of your eye that touches the eyeball. If you block and clog it up with makeup, it’ll dry out the natural water in your eyes. This will make your lenses irritating to wear and see through. So sadly, you have to say bye-bye to tightlining.