Vastu Shastra, the ancient vedic science of spaces, can be actually used to create a stress-free and harmonious environment at home, that can cultivate love and enhance compatibility in a relationship. Every individual on this Earth, whether single or married, needs luck in relationship and romance. Vastu Shastra, the sacred Vedic Science from India can be used to create and enhance harmonious stress-free living in one's martial relationships and better the love life by igniting romance and deep feelings. It can help make the relationship more enjoyable and enables to develop an unbreakable bond with your partner. If implemented correctly and accurately, Vastu Shastra can make your love life gather huge benefits by creating a balanced environment around your living and working space.

Vastu can work wonders for your love life, by igniting romance and deep feelings. It can help make your relationship more enjoyable and also enable you to develop an unbreakable bond with your partner. If you want to succeed in your love life, it is very important to follow the right Vastu.

The stress of work in the bedroom is known as a relation spoiler and there is no denying it. Keep your bedroom as much stress free as possible. Although, it is second to impossible these days, yet try to keep your laptops, iPads, chargers, and books in a separate room. Any sort of interruption can be a mood spoiler and you surely don't want that.

The bedroom should ideally be located in the southwest area of the house. It provides you stability and creates stronger bonds. This also prevents others from being able to influence your relationship. Avoid southeast corner as Bedroom as it leads to clashes in the relationship.

The couple should always keep their heads towards the south. This way the positive magnetic energy that flows from the north can easily enter their body, without disrupting the flow of blood or affecting sleep.

The foot of the bed should not directly face the door.

The door of the attached toilet must be kept shut and the toilet seat cover should be kept down, when not in use.

Mirrors directly facing the bed in the bedroom is the main cause of marriages getting crowded. Such a mirror encourages infidelity. And the larger the mirror, the more harmful it is to marriage! So, get rid of all such mirrors.

Always prefer a wooden bed/cot over a metal one. Metals like steel, iron, aluminium lead to ego clashes among couples and ultimately can end up with divorce.

Avoid pictures or photo frames of your ancestors, deceased persons, gods, goddesses etc on bedroom walls.

Upon entering the room, have some fresh flowers or a pleasant painting that is visible. It creates a positive vibe in the person entering the room.

Avoid having the bed directly underneath an exposed beam or in a slanted room, it will be difficult to have peaceful rest and create strain in your relationship. If this cannot be avoided, then hang bells from beams or slanted ceilings.

Always use light colours for the master bedroom, such as light blue, soft green or rose-pink. Also, the room should be uncluttered so that it becomes conducive for a soothing ambiance.

The wife should always sleep on the left side of the bed and the husband should take the right side. This will ensure a smooth and loving relationship.

Wearing red color brings back the lost love in your life and stimulates the sexual life as well.

Use a single double bed sized mattress on the bed instead of two single bed mattresses on a double bed as this creates separation among the couples.

Do not spend more time in the bedroom while you are worried or irritated, as this will attract more of this kind of energy into the bedroom. This is the place where you sit and think about the love and happiness.

Place a rose quartz crystal and a pair of love birds or mandarin ducks in the southwest part of the Bedroom.