Consumption of this thing causes weakness of the body, know

Due to weakening of the body, we have to face many kinds of problems, such as we are unable to do any work, we get tired quickly, apart from this weakening of the body makes us feel hesitant to talk to anyone, People use different types of medicines to overcome this problem, but instead of benefits, side effects are seen more.
So today we are going to tell you a very easy way to overcome this problem, to make the body strong, today we are going to tell you about a supplement, which you can make at home, it is completely Is natural, and is full of all the necessary nutrients.
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To make it, you will need 2 kilograms of soybeans, 1 kilogram of gram and half a kilogram of barley, grind these three things and make a fine powder, this time the color of this powder will be light yellow, after that fry it in the native ghee till it turns brown. Take.
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Then after cooling it, keep it in an airtight box, now mix 50 grams of this powder in a glass of lukewarm milk with one spoon of honey and eat it in the morning or evening, with regular intake you can get the body in a few days. Can make you stronger and stronger.
So if you are also troubled by any health or beauty problem, then let us know in the comment box.

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