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Make your stubborn ‘Blackheads’ disappear with these home remedies

Make your stubborn ‘Blackheads’ disappear with these home remedies

Nowadays it is common to have blackheads on our face due to pollution. But if these blackheads start shining on our nose, it can decrease our confidence because of this our nose looks black and ugly. These are our focus all the time. Blackheads completely spoil the beauty of the face. But now there is no need to fear the enemy of this face. You can make them go away from these home remedies:

  • You can get rid of this problem in a few minutes. For this, take a toothbrush and apply a little toothpaste in it. After this gently brush this in blackheads with light hands. Like you rub on your teeth then wash the face with clean water or lukewarm water after rubbing for at least 1 minute. You will see yourself that you have overcome this problem.
  • Massage the blackheads area on the nose with lemon juice. Then apply salt on the face at the same place and massage it gently with hands. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water.
  • Add a spoonful of sugar and salt in a bowl. Massage it on the nose for 15 minutes with light hands. When it dries, wipe it with a wet cotton ball.
  • Mix one spoon gram flour, two spoons milk and one teaspoon salt in a bowl. Make this paste thick and apply the blackhead of the nose. Rub this paste after 15 minutes and clean it. By applying this, the blackened will be cleaned as well as the face will also glow.

Blackheads generally occur when cells are closed due to porcine oil, bacteria and dead skin of our skin. Mostly, this problem is more common to those with oily skin.