Follow these tips to protect hair from damage after styling

Braided hairstyles are becoming very popular these days from the red carpet to the runway. However, there is also a truth that by continuously making peaks, the hair also breaks and there is a lack of moisture in them. This is the reason why you should pay extra attention to your hair to make braided hairstyles. If you also like to make such a hairstyle, then follow these tips for your hair care.

Keep your scalp clean: While it is not right to wash your hair frequently, it is also important that you keep your scalp clean. Because your scalp is seen in the braided hairstyle ... so if the layers of dead skin cells are visible on it, then your hairstyle will look very bad. Therefore, it is very important that you wash the hair with the chosen shampoo based on your hair type and then wash the hair with a conditioner so that your hair looks healthy and glowing.

Use a narrow-toothed comb to make the braid: If you like hairstyles with peaks, then you should use a narrow-toothed comb or narrow tooth comb. By turning it on the hair, the hair looks smooth and it also separates sections of hair with great clarity.

Nourish hair before making braid: When it comes to nourishing hair, there is nothing better than tested coconut oil for centuries. It hydrates your hair deeply and at the same time makes the hair smooth, which makes the hair look healthier and does not get tangled.

Prepare hair mask: Use a protein mask or hydrating spray to make your scalp and hair healthy and to prevent hair breakage. A little extra love given in this way will keep the hair strong and add life to this hairstyle before it gets into the braid.

Keep this in mind after making the braid: To maintain the shine of the hair after making the braid, it is very important that you pay careful attention to hair care after making the hairstyle. The first thing is that after adopting the braided hairstyle, give the hair a break of 3-4 days so that the hair does not fall and break. The second thing is to keep the pillow cover of silk, this will keep both the moisture and shine in your hair.

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