Want to remove the glasses forever, then try this home remedy

Want to remove the glasses forever, then try this home remedy

The lifestyle of people nowadays is a real hotchpotch. You can't take care of your health. food nowadays has no purity that can meet our body's nutritional deficiencies. Eye weakness also makes you feel that you are suffering. You have to wear glasses because your eyesight is becoming weak. If you want to remove these spectacles, we're going to tell you a few ways by which your glasses will be removed forever.

Saliva will do its job Eye light decreases its liquidity as acidic production increases. In this case, the saliva, which is of the Alkaline nature, helps to increase the eyesight by controlling this acid. For this, as soon as you wake up in the morning apply saliva with the stale mouth like you apply mascara eyes. Do this every day for a few months and soon remove the glasses forever.

Fennel and cucumber paste In addition, you can use a smooth paste made of fennel and cucumbers. This will increase the light and relax your eyes a lot. For this, give a quarter cup of fennel to the water for half an hour. Then mix it with half a cucumber and grind in a mixer. Refrigerate for 10 minutes. Now apply this paste on your undereye area and eyes. Remove it after 15 minutes. Remember to massage the undereye area lightly . 


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