These are the Best Hair care tips for monsoon you surely would not want to miss!

In topical countries like India monsoons are indeed the best time of the year as the climate is very hot and humid thus rain is very beautiful and pleasant. But monsoon bring with it a lot of hair problems too. But not to worry! Read the article and get the best hair care tips for monsoon:
1.) Nothing’s as good for your hair during the monsoon as a good old hair oil massage. Hence, oil your hair atleast twice a week. Oil massage for scalp is needed in all seasons and monsoon is no exception. Your scalp needs nourishment and stimulation for hair growth.

2.) Wet hair is vulnerable to damage. Moreover, it is not good to keep rain water in your hair for a long time. So wash your hair with a good shampoo after a rain dance!

3.) Maintain a hair style that you are comfortable in. Keep your hairdo simple and manageable. Do not get a haircut or a style that makes you uncomfortable as the season brings in a lot of humidity with it.

4.) Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. It makes the hair scalp clean and conditioning further prevents fungal infection. Use an anti-frizz conditioner to de-tangle hair. You can use a comb to spread the conditioner and rinse it with cold water. Also, don not tie wet hair at all.

5.) Hair becomes brittle during Monsoon and breaks easily. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate your hair.

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