Struggling with hair problems? Here are some herbs that can help

If you’ve been dealing with hair loss you need to start watching your diet and hair care routine. Herbs can help improve the quality of your hair.

We all have some of the other stress in our lives and it has become a common problem today. This stress leads to hair fall and we end up with weak and brittle and fragile hair. When breakage is so easy that you need something to fix your hair. While all the shampoos and conditioners and all the other hair products are doing their magic, we need to do our best to fix our diet. A balanced and healthy diet can change the quality of your hair. What you eat impacts all of your body including your hair. If you don’t watch your diet you may end up with thinning or balding or maybe even a receding hairline. All these problems have become more common these days but we all love long and thick hair. In order to achieve that we need to include certain herbs in our diet or apply it on our hair so that it can help our hair grow faster and thicker.



This Indian gooseberry is known to improve the quality of the hair and helps them remain black. It is known to reduce greying and accelerate hair growth. We all have heard of the amla oils that help you get longer and thicker and darker hair. Include amla in your diet and you can also try applying it on your hair.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a lot of benefits. It is great for the skin and the scalp as well as the hair. It helps repair the damaged hair and nourishes them. It is a great way to condition your hair. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your hair and scalp and wash it off after a while with a cleansing shampoo.



A cup of hibiscus tea isn’t only a great-tasting herbal tea, it is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. It helps treat dandruff as well as accelerates the growth of happy and healthy hair. You can also grind hibiscus flowers and apply it on your hair like a hair mask.



Neem leaves are very good for your hair. It strengthens the hair and adds a shine to it and makes your hair silky. It also nourishes the hair and scalp and moisturizes it. It also prevents infections and keeps your hair and scalp happy and healthy.



Other than the amazing scent, it is known to keep the scalp healthy. Lavender oil and it also has an anti-microbial property.



They contain fatty acids and omega-3. It is also rich in antioxidants. It strengthens the hair and nourishes and moisturizes them. It also accelerates hair growth and reduces hair loss.



Also known as methi, fenugreek is a common herb in India. This herb is known to moisturize and condition your hair. It also accelerates hair growth.

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