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Natural cures to get rid white hair permanently

Natural cures to get rid white hair permanently

White hair is the sign of ageing. But now we see to many of the peoples that they are suffering from white hair in their teen ages. This happens because we don't take the healthy diet. Today we bought for you some healthy food which will help you in preventing white hair.

Spinach helps to produce the pigment that keeps your hair colour intact. That is why, you should have leafy greens in order to avoid premature greying.
Beans and legumes have rich reserves of protein. And do not forget that your hair is composed of protein and thus, you need to keep your diet rich in proteins if you don't want your hair to wither.

Eggs give you the required doses of Vitamin B12 without which your hair can turn grey. B12 keeps your blood free of radicals that can be responsible for making your hair to turn grey.

Curry leaves
South Indian women owe their thick black hair to eating plenty of curry leaves. Seasoning your food with this herb helps to stave off grey hair for a long time.


Berries contain a blast of Vitamin C that helps to improve the blood circulation in your scalp. This means your hair gets fresh blood supply and that is why, it stays healthy. Berries are one of the best sources of Vitamin C.

Vitamin A is very important for skin and hair. That is why, carrots should be an important part of your diet to prevent white hair. Vitamin A helps to synthesise the melanin required for hair colour.