How To Prepare Ragi Ladoo Recipe

Quick ragi ladoo recipe made with nuts and seeds using less ghee these ragi ladoo make a great snack for kids and grownups alike

Ingredients :

.1Cup ragi flour

.1/2Cup seasome seeds


.1/4Cup peanut

.150Grams jaggery

.1/4Cup desiccated coconut

.2Tbsp ghee

Preparation For Ragi Ladoo :

1.Heat 1Tbsp ghee and fry the flour on a low heat till you get a nice aroma at ragi flour set aside to cool

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2.Dry roast peanuts cool completely

3.Roast seasome seeds cool set aside

4.Dry roast desiccated coconut lightly set aside to cool

5.Powder together peanuts seasome seeds coconut and cardamoms you can even powder each of these separately if doing in large quantity

6.Great or powdered jaggery

How To Make Ragi Ladoo

1.In a large bowl mix the blended powder jaggery flour and seasome seeds that were set aside or you can were set aside

2.Blend for about 1to 2minutes for the oil too ooze out from the mix is still warm if needed add melted warm ghee and make ragi ladoo

3.Store ragi ladoo in a air tight jar

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