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How Does Sleep Help You Look Younger?

Do you wish to possess as much beauty as the charming belles and princesses of the bygone times used to? Do you make efforts towards keeping your skin healthy? Do you pine to look younger than the teenager next door? Did you know that a woman’s age is judged from the skin that she beholds? Ladies, this is the right place that you’ve come to. Here you will get to know numerous secrets about your skin. The first one is this. No matter how many night creams and anti-aging solutions promise to repair your skin, your skin won’t budge until it receives an ample amount of sleep. It definitely seems hard to believe. But, it’s proven that a fulfilling 8-hour sleep is the key to a younger looking, beautiful and glowing skin. Here are a few facts about a beautiful skin which you must know.

Since times unknown, it is believed that sleeping before midnight and waking at dawn is the best way to keep a woman young and beautiful. 11 pm to 3 am is the ideal time for your body to experience deep sleep. It is during this time that the body actively restores and renews the cells of every organ. The growth hormone is active only at night, when the body is at rest. When you don’t sleep in time and for long hours, this hormone finds it difficult to function. And because your skin is the largest organ of the body, it is the biggest loser when you deprive yourself of enough sleep. This is precisely the basic principle on which night creams work. During your deep sleep, these creams get to the deepest points of your skin and supply your skin with the necessary nutrients that will exhibit anti-aging effects.

So how does the equation between sleep and youth work? Ladies, it’s simple. When you sleep well, the growth hormone will replace dead skin cells with a new skin that has a natural glow! Who doesn’t crave for a ‘natural’ glow that includes no chemicals or skin creams? When you possess such a skin, it’s obvious that you will feel younger and confident. It will affect your mood and your day-to-day life, so much so that you will notice the difference yourself.

On the contrary, when you fail to rest for long hours, you tend to feel sluggish, weary of everything. This, in turn, affects your mood for the day and you feel weak as well. You seem to look dull and older. Here lies the problem. When you sleep for hours together, you wake up fresh. You are active at your workplace as well as swift at your daily chores.

One more thing that affects your skin is the posture that you sleep in. If you sleep in an awkward position or tend to sleep on your face, blood flow gets restricted. As a result, oxygenated blood doesn’t reach every part of the body, especially the face. Hence, dead cells continue to surface and you look older with every passing day.

Ladies, it’s not a hard and fast rule that you must sleep for 8 hours in a day. Everybody has a different body clock and you may settle down with yours. All you need to ensure is that you don’t neglect your sleep because you think your work is more important for you. Come on ladies, you must love yourself first. Other things come later. Even if you can’t spend enough time on beauty treatments or specialty techniques to make you feel younger, you can definitely spare 8 hours of your day to give yourself the much-needed rest and a beautiful, younger looking skin!

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