Homemade natural Toner is here

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Here we are with one more easy, quick tips and tricks for good Healthfulness



Organic Green tea


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(1) Take one Organic green tea sachet and boil it in one glass water

(2) Now divide this water in two part as always, one for your good health one half for your beauty

(3) Take one half of green tea which you have boiled add some honey in it

(4) Now its ready to take sip!!


Its very good for your health

It helps you stay away from many disease and it also boost you and gives you energy



Half left Green Tea

Vitamin E Capsule- 2


(1) Take one small spray bottle and add our half left green tea water in it but make sure you cool it naturally before pouring it in a bottle

(2) Now add 2 Vitamin E capsules in it

(3) Shake well and here you are done , Your own toner is ready


You can use this toner on your hot days as much as you can It gives your skin freshness, glow and make your skin smooth and sweat free

Do share your valuable feedback and comments in case of any query you can ask

Thank You!

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