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Here's how white discharge affects your health


Every woman has to face problems related to white discharge. Women are troubled by this. But let us tell you, in some situations white discharge is normal and in some cases it can be due to your poor health. In general there is no harm from white discharge. But if it is more than normal then it can harm your health.   This is how it starts White discharge usually begins after the first menstruation of the girls. Then it is considered normal if it occurs before and after the periods every month. If no problem is associated with it.

How it helps White discharge keeps the vagina clean in a natural way. It provides lubrication during intercourse and also helps prevent sexual infection.

Sometimes more Sometimes less

White discharge can be more or less in many situations. The amount of discharge may be reduced or increased due to pregnancy, change in hormones or vaginal infection. Also, there is a change in its colour and this can cause a smell.

Discharge is considered normal Most women have several types of white discharge during the period circle. In normal condition, a clear white discharge occurs around one teaspoon a day. It can be thick or thin. Its colour is white and if there is no smelting in it, then it is normal. Sometimes it can also be light yellow in colour.

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