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8 Tips To Impress Him/Her On Your First Date

 So, you are all set to go on a date with the tinder match after you swiped right on him/her! You must be now deciding what to wear or speak to make him/her smitten by you, as one wrong step will ruin your date and will frown your partner. But you don't need to worry about as we have some interesting tips for you so that you can impress your partner on the first date.

Tips To Impress Your Date

If you are going on a date, always remember that keeping simple is smart. Wear clothes that feel comfortable on your skin and team it up with confidence. But before this, it is also essential that you brush your teeth properly and take a bath because looking clean is also important. Also, it is better to get rid of an unpleasant body odour.

2. Be On-Time

If you want to hit the bull's eye in the first meeting then make sure you are on time. Nobody likes to wait for hours on their first meeting. Punctuality always works. Even if you are dressed beautifully and have a charming personality, being late is going to spoil everything. Shekhar (24) a software developer from Delhi says, "It really feels boring to wait for your date to show up. I wonder why can't people be on time while they go on a date."

Tips To Impress Your Date

3. Having Clarity

Think about a situation where you are with a person who just needs to shoulder to cry on or needs support in every decision they make. Won't that be awkward and frustrating at the same time? We are sure that you wouldn't like that. Therefore, make sure you have clarity as to why you are going in a relationship. This will surely impress your date. Moreover, you will also look patient and calm.

Making eye contact is essential when you are with your date. Gestures tell a lot about your personality and therefore, it essential that you look confident and not nervous on your first date. But make sure your date is not feeling uncomfortable with your gaze.

Tips To Impress Your Date

5. Do Not Forget To Compliment

Who doesn't like a compliment? Especially when it comes from your date. Mitali (23) a software engineer from Delhi says, "It feels great when you receive a compliment from your date. Moreover, this also means that the person has really noticed something about you."

Instead of sitting dumbstruck by the beauty of your date, you can actually say something nice to acknowledge his/her beauty. Compliments like- "Wow, you really look nice in this dress," "I really like your shoes" or "I must appreciate the charm you carry" might impress him/her.

6. Keep Your Phone Aside

Though your phone helped you to find your date, staring at the phone screen when you are with your date can be really rude and can ruin a beautiful conversation as well. Your date might also feel ignored by you. Therefore, keeping the phone aside and enjoying the beautiful moment with your date is the best thing to do.

But if you really have something important to do, you can excuse yourself for using the restroom and use your phone for a while.

Tips To Impress Your Date

7. Indulge In The Conversation

You went for a date, not an interview, therefore, merely asking questions might make the conversation boring. Also, being quiet or just answering the question in a word or two will spoil the moment.

Mitali says, "I was on a date with this boy who wasn't speaking while we were together. Maybe he was shy. We spent two hours staring at the people sitting in the restaurant. Not just that, we were staring at the walls as well."

"When I asked him questions related to his life and career, he responded in very few words. If only we had a conversation, we would have gone on more dates," she added.

8. Be Humorous

It won't be wrong to say that humor is something that everybody loves in a conversation. Be it cracking a joke, sarcasm or punch lines, if you can make your partner laugh genuinely, your date will be surely impressed by you. But avoid cracking pathetic and boring jokes. Else it might backfire on you. Shekhar says, "I remember going on a date with another girl who told some pathetic jokes. Then she laughed at her own jokes. That was quite boring."

Whenever you are going for a date or planning to go for that matter, be confident and have clarity. It is better to meet a person only if you want to know more about them, else it will be a waste of time for both.

Disclaimer: The names and identifying details have been changed to ensure the privacy of the individuals. 

Things You Should take care while going for Dating..

Dating to each other can be tricky sometimes. Here's are some tips for boys and girls, they should know while they are going to officially dating with each other. For long or good relationship you should follow or do these things:

Humour - A good sense of humour always works. It’s been famously quoted that you can get a woman to do anything if you can make her laugh. Once again, be subtle, and avoid trying too hard. They always know when you are, even though they’re soft spoken enough to not point it out.

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Kindness - It’s always nice to be nice. Kindness and a positive attitude goes a far longer way and believe it or not, it’ll take much lesser for someone to warm up to you. Ask them about their beliefs, speak about things that matter to you, and always listen. They’ll know when you’ve zoned out and it’s bad manners too.

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Dressing sense - Pick up a smart outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard to be your best self. Remember that your physical appearance will amount to the first impression. So a decent dress/outfit with light make-up (if you’re a woman) is a must-do.

Choose a light perfume with fresh notes if you’re on a day date and go for a perfume with woody or floral notes for a sundowner or a dinner date.

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