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6 healthy habit that has changed your life

  1. Concentrate On Eating

When you are eating, you can close your eyes and taste the sweet, sour, bitter, salty flavors on your tongue, chew the food very slowly, trying to tell the difference between the spicy potato chips and the spicy curry, the sweet cheese from the sweet oatmeal.

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You're gonna love eating alone.

Chips can be chewed with your front teeth, and the cracking can be rhythmic.

Carefully distinguish the food’s temperature, dry and wet, soft and hard, and its blend of several flavors.

Without realizing it, you never know how far the sensory sensitivity can affect the human brain.

2. Exercise Ciliary Muscles

When your eyes are tired, look away (at least 5 meters away) for a few seconds, then quickly look at the tip of your nose for a few more seconds. Repeat this for 3-5 minutes, then close your eyes for a rest. This exercise can fully stretch the lens, relieve eye fatigue and increase eye flexibility. You can do this three to four times a day.

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3. Eliminate Drowsiness

Press down hard on your knees or push your elbows against the arms of your chair. This can promote blood circulation and make people more sensitive.

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4. Curb Your Appetite

Every two weeks I go on a light fasting, eating only bananas, drinking honey, milk, and porridge, which makes my body feel very relaxed.

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5. Focus On Your Breathing

Close your eyes. Focus your breathing. Inhale and exhale silently in your mind. When you find yourself a little distracted, refocus on your breathing. This repetitive attention training turns on high-speed patterns in the prefrontal cortex, which stabilizes areas of the brain that deal with stress and impulsivity.

6. Feel The Pain

One of my college teachers once said to me,

it is better to suffer a little pain every day than to suffer a great pain all at once.
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Like Yoga, it's a little painful at first, but slowly as the body is stretched and blood circulates well, one's state of being is also elevated.

Previous studies have also shown those with a greater sense of self-worth may be more likely to withstand pain.

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