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Small cardamom has many big advantages

Small cardamom has many big advantages

Cardamom is used in every household with many benefits. Cardamom is used in many ways. That's how we're going to give you some tips that you won't know about today. Let us tell you the countless benefits of cardamom.

* The mouth smells due to stomach upset. Eating green cardamom improves stomach loss and also eliminates mouth odor due to a chemical present in it.

* Sitting on the bus while traveling is dizzy or g nervous. Keep a little cardamom in your mouth to get rid of it.

* If there is a money problem or no receipt of money, put 5 cardamoms in the purse, which will benefit you

* Use 2 cardamoms if there is gas problem after drinking milk.

* Cardamom is beneficial in eliminating the desire to get drunk, whenever you feel like intoxicating, cardamom will automatically disappear.

* Cardamom intake is beneficial to increase sexual strength, cardamom works as a tonic to increase libido. To take it, add it to the milk and boil well and consume it regularly at night. Regular use of it will add to your sex power and make the marital life a happy one.

* To relieve the problem of mouth ulcers, cardamom, with powdered alloy, this intake relieves mouth ulcers.

* For pregnant women, it may be harmful, and the chances of miscarriage may also increase.

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