If your hair has become white then do not panic, Try this easy solution

We all know that hair is the most important part of our personality. But nowadays it is seen that before the time people's hair has started to become white. Whether it is a student studying in school or going to college.

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The solution is Onions. Well you might have already heard about onion helping in hair loss. Many people thinks of it as a myth And we will tell you why onion helps in hair fall and gray hair.

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The grey hair is mainly due to the build up of Hydrogen Peroxide. First of all onion is rich in sulphur which is great for getting rid of any infection or germs. The juice in onions is helps in removing hydrogen peroxide buildup and reduce inflammation while providing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other nourishment to regenerate the hair follicles.

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So this is the real reason for onion being too good for our hairs. So Grind the onion and apply it in the hair 30-45 minutes before bath and then wash while bathing. By doing this three or four times a week you will see good results soon.

Source- Theguardian website

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