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Effective ways to reduce hair loss for both men and women

Effective ways to reduce hair loss:
Hair fall is one of the most frustrating and common problems being faced by youths today.It is okay to lose 25 to 50 hair in a day, but if the hair loss is high, then we have to concern about that. Here are the effective ways to reduce the hair loss. 

Take good diet: 

Healthy hair needs healthy foods. It requires large number of vitamins and minerals.
 Vitamin A :It helps to the production of serum in the scalp and also provides way to hair growth. 
Availability: Green and vegetables, spinach ,Red Pepper ,mango and papaya.
Biotin: It is the most essential thing for healthy hair. The deficiency of biotin leads to hair fall and decrease in its density. Availability: milk and Milk products cabbage nuts green veggies
Vitamin B12:It is useful for hair growth and control hair loss.
Availability:dairy products, beans etc.

Drink more water :

 Like how we are keep hydrating our body, hair too needs to be hydrating. The hair shaft needs one fourth of water, so that we have drink we have to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water for healthy hair growth.

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Regular hair washing:

By using a good shampoo, we have to wash the hair gently and keep it clean. So that the scalp will be cleaned and fungal infections like dandruff will not affect. So use a gentle shampoo, and mix it with water and massage for few minutes and then wash thoroughly.

Essential oils and massage to the scalp:

By Using coconut oil, castor oil and Rosemary oil, have to massage the scalp for few minutes,So that it can activate the hair follicles and helps to hair growth. Every night, our scalp needs a gentle massage and make sure that oil get penetrate the hair shaft.

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Be happy and relax:

Happy mind leads to Healthy hair. Yes, of course. Stress is the main cause for hair loss.
 Listen to the music, exercise daily, meditation and yoga are the effective ways to keep yourself relax and it leads to healthy hair.
 And if your hair is getting more loss continuously, do not hesitate to visit the dermatologist.

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