7 signs that your liver is being damaged

7 signs that your liver is being damaged

The second major organ of the body is the liver problem. It performs many functions in the body. Expelling harmful and toxic elements from the blood and body. Producing enzymes and bile. Helping to digest food, etc. When you consume unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food, it has negative effects on your liver (signs of liver damage). Excessive smoking, drinking of alcohol etc. also cause signs of liver damage. You do not know when the liver starts to deteriorate from your habits. It is very important to follow healthy diet and healthy lifestyle to keep the liver healthy. Know which signs and symptoms of liver damage you can know that you are suffering from liver damage or disease.

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Pain near the liver

When there is a problem in the liver, the first sign is pain in the areas around the stomach. This means that dirt has accumulated in your liver. This pain can sometimes be mild or sometimes even intense. Liver helps to flush out the dirt and toxins from the body. When there is a problem in the liver itself, all the toxins present in the body will remain in the body.


If there is any problem in the liver, swelling of hands and feet starts appearing. Swelling of hands and feet means liver does not function properly. However, the problem of inflammation also occurs in other diseases, so please contact the doctor.

Yellow eyes

Symptoms of liver damage also include yellowing of the eyes, skin and nails. Not only this, sometimes the color of urine also becomes yellow. This happens when bile juice starts to form more.

Feeling nauseous

If you feel nausea or vomiting again and again for few days, then these signs also indicate liver disease. Do not ignore blood clots with vomiting.

Inflammation in the lower abdomen

Swelling of the lower abdomen is also a sign of liver problems. This inflammation occurs due to the continuous increase in liver function. Go to the doctor without delay.

Sleep problem

Many times the liver does not sleep due to any malfunction. Along with feeling tired throughout the day, sluggishness is also prevalent.

Recurrent fever

For some days, you are getting fever, mouth taste has deteriorated and the mouth has started smelling, then there is some problem in the liver.

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