Top ten probable ways of transportation in the future

High speed alternative energy train

Solar Bullet is a campaign that suggests the concept of high-speed fuel fuel by alternative energy running on solar powered rails.

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Self driving cars

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Even though the concept of self-driving cars reminds companies like an old Sci-FI movie, developers, engineers and even Google, is testing them around the world.


When an object is placed in water or any other fluid, then it is very quickly surrounded by gas bubbles. This effect is called supercavitation. Scientists consider using it to develop future transportation methods.

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The idea of ​​ultra-fast public transportation is not only a dream, but a real technique in the process of development.

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Vacuum trains

Evacueated tube transport system has suggested to keep maglev trains in the empty tube, which will increase their speed by 4,039 miles per hour.

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Flying car

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Flying car, as seen in movies, can not happen in the future as it may seem. Scientists of Tel Aviv, Israel, started a project for the construction of public transport instruments which could fly due to magnetic levitation techniques.


For the first time, the US Army had thought of JetPack in 1940. Since then, many unsuccessful attempts have been made to convert Jetpac into military property.

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Space lift

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The Space Elevator represents a project that was theorem about 100 years ago. This structure will be able to be made of light matter, which "connects" with the surface of the Earth, a base station, orbit of the Earth (about 60,000 miles).


Skyline is one of the ways of future transportation, which promises fast and easy access to the outer space.

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In the experiments of 2010 and 2012, Chinese physicists managed to transport a photon at a distance of 10 and 60 miles, respectively. They found that when the photon is moved from point A to point B, the structure of the object can change, and an object will be copied.

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