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Some interesting facts related to lips, which will surprise you

Lips are a part of human body that enhances the beauty of the human being and its attraction, but if you talk about any part of the body then every part has a different identity, just like our fingerprints are different, The marks are different, today we are going to tell you some very interesting facts related to the lips, which will surprise you even knowing.

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1- The whole skin of our body is composed of 16 different types of layers, while on the lips only 3-4 layers, due to which our lips are red-pink.

2- There is a special layer around the upper lip, which is called orbicularis orris, due to this layer we can whistle with lips.

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3- Crocodile is an animal with no lip.

4- There are no sweat glands around our lips, so our lips quickly dry up.

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5- You may be surprised to know that as the age increases, the thickness of our lips starts decreasing.

6- According to the seismology, if the women's lips are red, thin, smooth, good, then such women are good in nature and husband's love.

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7- Like our fingerprints, the marks of our lips are also different.

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