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Some helpful dermatologist tips for clear glowing skin

Here are some steps you follow for clear glowing skin-

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1-Lemon & Honey with hot water; My morning starts with a glass full of lemon squeezed hot water with honey, It detoxicated my body and stomach and hence results in clean skin.

2-Wash my face twice a day; Morning and night before going to bed.

3-Never apply any fairness cream or sunscreen or so-called fake skin creams available in the market with glittering cover claiming bullshits (but actually they give ageing effect to your skin).

4-After washing face before going to bed apply Aloe era gel + Rosewater on your skin and leave it overnight. you will see the results within a week.

5-Apply lemon and honey on your face once in a week, lemon is a natural bleaching agent whereas honey is a skin lightning agent. This will help you to remove tanned and damaged skin on your face.

6-Give Up on Beauty products, especially fairness creams, I agree they have awesome instant results but in a long go they have a lot of negative effects on your skin.

7-Drink water as much as you can.

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This is all you do to get healthy skin.

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