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Smart tips to LOOSE weight

New Delhi, June 26: In this modern world, amidst technological boom and compulsion to adjust yourself in this fast paced life, your health might be taking a toll.

People have become susceptible to a host of diseases and medical conditions and obesity is one of them which has become a serious health ailment across the globe.

Its a condition which is characterized by excessive body fat which further makes you prone to a number of health problems.

Obesity leads to to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, stroke and other diseases.

So how can you prevent yourself from this body condition?

Change in diet, increased physical activity can help you lose weight. 

Start consuming whole grains like bajra, ragi, maize. Instead of white rice try the  brown rice. You can use these whole grains  and make yourself a healthy porridge in your breakfast.

Add protein in every meal. Anyone who is trying to lose weight can opt for lean meat like chicken and salmon.

Try to eat seasonal veggies as much as possible as they are rich in fibers along with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Try to stay away from trans fat. People nowadays gorge on junk food. Eating fried food, cookies, pasta, burger and noodles should be avoided at any cost if you want to reduce weight.

Keeping some nuts in your pocket may be handy at times. Nuts have good fats which may help you shed weight. The healthy fat in the nuts helps people feel full.

Focus on low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And try to avoid saturated fat and alcohol.

In order to keep a tab on your weight, you need to exercise regularly. At least half an hour of workout of moderate-intensity will prevent weight gain. Try to do some cardio exercises which will make you feel lighter. If possible, do some weight training which acts as a stress buster as well.

Try to check your weight at least once a week, which can be beneficial  to loose those extra kilos.

Last but not the least do not skip your meals. Try to eat three balanced meals a day rich in protein and fiber.

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