Mind Blowing DIY Hacks Using Jewellery

Jewellery not only rises your beauty but also it helps in other ways too. Today, I'm going to tell you some mind-blowing DIY hacks using jewellery which you wish you would know before.

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1.Use Earring To Secure Your Top Or Shirt:

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It becomes a big problem when a button of your top or shirt breaks. So, to secure your top, just use a earring. Put the earring in the place of button and secure it with an eraser or earring back. Do not forget to fold its end. Now, your top is all secured.

2.Use A Big Ring As A Hair Rubber:

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You have to go to a wedding, but you don't have a designer hair rubber. So, no need to worry. Just take a big ring a tie your ordinary hair rubber into it. Your designer hair rubber is ready.

3.Use Earring As A Saree Pin:

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Yes, you heard right! You can use your earring as a saree pin. It will help you when your saree pin is missing. Just place the earring where you want and secure it with an eraser or earring back and fold its end. It'll not only solve your problem but also it will give you an offbeat look.

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