Make your skin glow by using these things just before bathing

We try many types of beauty products to increase our skin glow but if you want to increase the glow of the skin, then you have to use only these things in bath water, so that the glow of skin increases manifold as soon as possible It is often seen that due to the climate change our skin becomes dry, in such condition the use of these household items is effective. Due to the frequent use of soap, the skin becomes more dry and dull. In such a way, you can use these household items to increase the skin glow several times.
Let's know which are these home things which will make your skin beautiful many times ...
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The skin glow increases with the use of gram flour (Besan). Once a day, before taking bath just prepare the paste of gram flour Besan) and milk and apply it with your hands on the skin. Prepare it like half a bowl, add 2 spoonfuls of gram flour and mix well. Put it on the hands when it If dry, rinse it with light hands and clean with lukewarm water. This will increase the glow of your skin and remove the dead skin seen on the skin.
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You can also increase the skin glow manyfold by using Multani clay. Just before you take bath, make a paste from the ready to use Multani Clay or Mitti powder which is easily available in the market. Apply it on the body for a long time before bathing, then after some time washes the paste with plain water, it will soften the skin and make your skin soft and glowy.
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White Alum (Fitkari) also enhances your skin glow. While taking bath Mix some quantity of White Alum and rock salt in lukewarm water. Using it, you will get relief in the problem of dry skin and it will also increase the blood flow which is good for your body and your muscles will also get relief. By using these household things, your skin will start glowing manifolds.
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