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Know The Best Jobs for Women

There is nothing discriminatory or sexist to choose or take up a job that would be good just because you are a woman. It is true anyone can do anything regardless of gender, but sometimes life just gets easier when you do something that suits you best, even if it is one of those jobs that you think are gender biased. There are a lot of jobs going around. It doesn’t matter if you are just out of college or if you are planning on changing jobs, choose something that is the best for you.

1.Digital Strategist: Sounds complicated, but a fun job that lets you play around online all day and stay on some of the most happening sites like titter, tumblr and Facebook. You don’t really need a specialized degree to get this, but just need to know a lot about how to create a great presence for your company online.

2.Landscape architect: You have an eye for beauty, aesthetics and detail, then this is the job for you. Where else can you have the satisfaction of creating a thing of beauty for all to see and admire and not be a great artist to do so? Getting the appropriate degree will land you a plum job in this field.

3.Physician’s Assistant: You are almost a doctor but you get to skip the horrible six years in medical school. True you cannot operate, but you can still diagnose diseases,advise treatment and do much. All you need to have is a master’s degree in the field and you are good. Think of all the money saved on tution fee. The money you make after college is not bad either.

4.Personal trainer: You get to stay in great shape, get paid to work out and give orders and can get away with wearing gym gear to work. Becoming a personal trainer is so much fun as the hours are flexible and depending on how good and famous you are , this is a place where you can make some serious money.

5.Video game designer: This is not only a lot of fun, but also something that would get you some great scores with guys? Imagine telling a group of guys that you are a video game designer; they will fall for you almost immediately. Not only that, it spurs on your competitive and creative spirit and know for a fact that your work makes a lot of men happy.

6.Interior Designer: One of those few jobs for which you don’t actually need a degree. You just have to be good at your job. There are no fixed schedules, you can be your own boss and decide on how much you make and when you will work.

These are just some of the jobs that are easy to get, but also competitive when it comes to keeping at it and surviving. But these are also some of the best jobs for women as it gives you more independence and is definitely more fun.

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