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If you want to stay healthy even at the age of 60,then wake up in the morning and eat this

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As the age increases, the human body becomes the home of diseases. In old age human beings have to cope up with many diseases. But if you want to avoid these diseases, then you must read this news till the end.
Eat it everyday, at the age of 60 also you will be healthy -

Friends, if you want to stay healthy for long periods of time, you should eat amla daily. You can use amla in any form. But you will get the most benefit when you take Amla as her marmalade.
Amla contains 22 such elements which are essential for the body and if you consume amla, then there are 46 such diseases which you will never have. These diseases also include the names of serious diseases like cancer.

Today, we are going to tell you about the benefits of health from Amla, Iron is found in good quantity. Which increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body. By which the blood starts forming in the body quickly.

Amla is full of vitamin C which prevents hair from falling and makes them beautiful and strong. If you want to make hair dark enough, take Amla's marmalade with warm milk, it will make your hair beautiful.

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