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Almond is like poison for these people

You are advised to eat almonds to sharpen your mind. It is very beneficial for your health. But for some people it also acts as a poison. Some diseases can be very harmful to eat almonds. It is important to be alert to your health. 
* Digestion
Most people live in a changing lifestyle problem. If you have a problem with the detaintic problem or acidity, don't eat almonds at all because almonds have high fibre, which further aggravates the discomfort.
* Obesity Do not consume if you are disturbed by your rising weight and almonds are included in your diet. Actually, almonds are high in calories and fat. In this case, over-consumption of almonds increases obesity.
* Blood pressure If your blood pressure is always high, make sure that the almonds are still in the distance as the intake of almonds with medicines can be harmful and the problem may increase.
* Calculus If there is kidney or gall bladder calculus or any other problem associated with it, do not eat almonds at all as it contains an excess oxalate that can harm you.

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