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80% of people don't know these 3 best remedies to fix tooth decay

Hello, friends all of you are welcome in our channel. Today we are going to tell you about the thee remedies that can used to cure teeth decaying. So that you can't face any problem related to teeth. So let's start..

The 3 remedies are as follow

1) The first recipe - In this recipe, you have to take a pinch of long powder and mix a pinch of gourd powder and a pinch of salt in it and mix it well and keep this powder on your tooth where there are insects. With the effect of this mixture, insects will die in your teeth and after 2 to 3 days this will destroy all the worms in your teeth.

2) Second recipe - In this recipe you have to take a spoon of mustard oil and add two pinch of salt in it. After mixing it well, keep this oil on the tooth where you are suffering or where it is rotten. By adopting this recipe for three to four days, the tooth worms will die due to the effect of mustard oil and salt.

3) Third recipe - Mix half a spoonful of onions, mix half a spoonful of grandad garlic, and put it on your rotten teeth. With the influence of garlic and onion, insects start dying and do it for 2 to 3 days. This recipe will kill all the worm of your teeth.

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