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7 Best Remedies For Weak Memory

Everyone has occasional episodes of forgetfulness. Forgetting a name, or other information that seems to be on the tip of the tongue can make a person frustrated. Memory problems are often the result of an inadequate supply of nutrients to the brain. Also, as age advances, memory frequently becomes poorer. Alcohol destroys brain cells, so memory loss among alcoholics is quite common. Memory problem may also be due the use of drugs such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine, as well as to alcohol abuse. All these can damage the brain tissue and memory will be affected.

The following recommendations will help you improve your memory and prevent memory loss-

  1. Carrots- Carrots, which contain
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  1. and are good for memory. Drink carrot juice which is blood builders and will help improve memory.

2. Use of more foods that are helpful for improving memory include- sweet potatoes, tapioca, okra ( frequently used as brain tonic), and spinach.

3. Ginkgo and Gotu kola have recently been touted as good for improving memory. Both of these herbs serve to dilate the cerebral to the brain, and are good memory tonic.

4. Ayurveda has specific memory improving herbs such as- brahmi, jatamansi , brigraj, and shankh pushpi.

5. Practical tips- Write it down, it is an important information in order to remember it.

6. Meditation and forgetfulness- There is ancient Vedic technique to recapitulate a lost memory. If you forget something , just sit quietly and stay in the forgetfulness. Breathe into the forgetfulness, and, try to dig out the memory.

7. Daily walking, specially fast walking improves circulation and helps strengthen memory.

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