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6 Types Of Foods You Should Never Eat During Cough & Cold.

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The problem of cough & cold is quite common in everyone's life. Every time we fall sick, we are suggested what to eat, but we hardly pay any attention to what to avoid, so that we recover fast. This time we have listed 6 types of foods you should stop eating today to deal with cough & cold effectively. From alcohol to fast food, the list includes popular types of food that we, in general, consume on a daily basis, but should avoid during cough & cold. Read below to know why...

1. Dairy Goods:

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During cough and cold, the intensity and severity of mucus increases and it is suggested to avoid dairy products as they can further increase mucus production.

2. Juices:

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According to health experts, one should always avoid juices during cough & cold. They have high sugar content that further reduces white blood cells’ capacity to tackle illness. The acid in the juices also irritate the throat.

3. Fried Snacks:

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We all know that fried snacks are high in fat. So, during cold, it is suggested to avoid all kinds of fried and processed foods, as they can lead to inflammation, which further makes the immune system weak.

4. Fast Food:

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Fast foods are genetically modified and include ingredients that are of no nutritional value. So, it is better to avoid them during cough & cold as they do nothing in boosting the immune system and make digestion sluggish.

5. Caffeine:

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Caffeine is a big no during cough & cold, as it further dries out cough and can cause breathing issues.

6. Alcohol:

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If you think having alcohol during cold keeps your body warm, let us tell you that it rather deteriorates your immune system and also dehydrates the body. It makes the situation worse and weakens the immune system.

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