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Top 2 most expensive travel destination of the world

If you are very rich and want to enjoy your summer very luxuriously then you should visit these 2 places. Germany and Spain are considered as the goldmine of Europe because of their facilities and luxuriousness.

We are going to tell you about the 2 most expensive places to visit in this summer. So let's start without any delay.

1. Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is the world famous city of Spain. This city is very famous for its Roman Archaeological history. This city is also famous for night pubs and bars. If you can spend lakhs of money for your summer then you can easily visit this place.

Places to visit- La Sagrada, Familia and Park Guell.

2. Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg situated in the northern part of Germany. Also called the 'the gateway of the world'. There are many peaks. Hamburg is also very expensive to visit. There are many stylish hotels.

Places to visit - Heide Park, Miniature, Wonderland, Reeperbahn, and more.

Things to do- you can enjoy at beaches, there are many bars where you can go especially at night. Many governmental parks to visit. This is also considered as the city of bars and pubs.

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