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Swear by these golden rules for healthy hair all summer long

Swear by these golden rules for healthy hair all summer long

As summer sets in, heat, humidity and sweat take a toll on your hair making it grimy, frizzy and dry. The dry air and harsh sun rays damage your locks big time. Your summer-struck hair needs serious TLC and proper haircare to beat the heat. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind this summer to have healthy and happy, moisturised tresses all day, every day. Read on...

Deep cleansing is non-negotiable

Whether you have super oily scalp and hair or not, deep cleansing and detoxifying your hair is a must. Sweat, dirt and grime settle in the hair making it icky and heavy. Wash your hair with a detoxifying shampoo such asTRESemm√© Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo to get all the dirt and summer build-up off your scalp.

Do some damage (read frizz) control

Summer means humidity and humidity means frizz. Tame your tresses by never skipping on a conditioner after hair wash. Apply a hair serum or a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair smooth. Also, don’t wash your hair too often as this will strip your hair of its natural oils and make it frizzier.

Protect your locks from heat

Even a few minutes out in the summer sun can make your hair dull and dry. Well, prevention is better than cure. Wrap your hair and cover it with a hat or scarf when going out. Minimise the use of heat styling tools and pamper your hair with a nourishing and moisturising hair mask every week to retain the lost moisture in your tresses.

Treat your scalp with an oil massage

A hot oil massage every week will deep cleanse your scalp and ensure your mane is healthy and nourished from root to tip. Heat any hair oil or mix two-three oils and massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Do this every week before a hair wash.