Signs That You Are Her Backup Guy

It happens! Some men and women try to keep their partners just as options. Didn't understand? Well, imagine a woman who just tries to superficially maintain a bond with a man when she deeply knows that she is waiting for a better man.When your girlfriend is just trying to while away time with you until she finds a better man, then you are being treated as a backup plan. If she finds nobody better than you, then she will marry you. Or if her current boyfriend ditches her, she will marry you.If she finds someone good enough, she will simply say sorry to you and move on after breaking your heart. Here are some signs that you are her back up guy.

1.She smiles, she talks but seldom opens up with you. She never shares any joy or sorrow with you. She behaves very dryly devoid of any emotion.

2.She lives in her own world. She will come out of her world only when she needs some comfort from you.

3.She keeps texting or talking on phone with someone but never tells you anything. There could be a mystery around it.

4.When you try to confront her, she will break into tears but never tells you anything. The tears are only to scare you.

5.If you try to break up with her, she will create a drama and keep you with her. She doesn't want you to leave her till she finds her man.

6.If you look at other women she will feel insecure and emotionally blackmail you. She wants you to stay for some more time.

7.She gets too close with some other guy but tells you that he is just a friend. She is just waiting for the right time.

8.One fine day, when the right time comes, she simply tells good bye and vanishes!!

These are the signs that you are her back up guy.

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